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Share Your Story

Every journey in Narcotics Anonymous begins with a single step, often marked by our first meeting. By sharing your experience, you can provide hope and insight to newcomers, showing them they’re not alone in their journey.

Your story can be a beacon of hope for someone else who’s contemplating attending their first NA meeting. Recounting the emotions, the challenges, the warm welcomes, or even the surprises you felt can give a true account of what newcomers can expect and how NA has impacted your life.


Please keep your story focused on your experience of attending your first NA meeting.

Try to keep your submission under 500 words for clarity and conciseness.

Ensure that your story does not contain any personally identifying information about others.

Once submitted, your story will be reviewed for content, relevance, and appropriateness before being posted.

Thank you for your willingness to share your experience, strength, and hope! Your story can be the light that guides someone else to the path of recovery.