The Greater Nashville and Middle Tennessee Areas of Narcotics Anonymous value the  relationships we have built in the communities we serve.. We strive to increase our visibility and usefulness within those communities and we remain grateful for the many mutually beneficial relationships we have made. We frequently work closely with local government, clergy, health professionals, educators, and other service organizations. If you would like to learn more about NA, please feel free to use the helpful links below or contact our Public Relations Committee.

→ Membership Survey: Contains the results of a biennial survey of approximately 12,000 NA members

→ Information about NA: Includes facts about the history of NA, organizational philosophy, and membership demographics.

→ NA:  A Resource in Your Community: This pamphlet provides information about local NA services that may be available such as public service announcements, phonelines, literature sales, and NA presentations for health fairs, schools and professional conferences.

→ In Times of Illness: This relied-upon booklet was recently revised to reflect members’ experiences with challenges such as mental health issues, chronic illness and pain, and supporting members with illnesses. It includes section summaries in the table of contents.

→ For Those in Treatment: In this pamphlet, we offer some suggestions and a basic plan of action to help recovering addicts in the transition from treatment, to continuing recovery in Narcotics Anonymous.

→ By Young Addicts, For Young Addicts: This pamphlet was developed by young members of Narcotics Anonymous to illustrate the fact that young addicts around the world, speaking many different languages, are getting and staying clean in NA.