Greater Nashville Area Outreach meets every Fourth Sunday at 3:00 pm at Nashville First Seventh Day Adventist Church at 2800 Blair Blvd, Nashville, TN

Basic Purpose and Goals of the Committee

The purpose of this subcommittee is to reach out to the isolated or struggling groups within our area and to act as a communication link between that group and the Area Service Committee (ASC). The goal of these efforts is intended to provide support and assist groups to learn how to help themselves. Any member of Narcotics Anonymous may attend the subcommittee meetings and become a member of the subcommittee. The area outreach subcommittee encourages member support. A subcommittee member travels to the groups as a representative of the Outreach Committee and/or the ASC. An acting “subcommittee representative shall have six months suggested clean time. It is suggested that “subcommittee representatives” never work alone.


Function of the Committee

Some of these activities included in the function of this subcommittee are:

A. Attending groups not represented at ASC and share the importance of group involvement in the Area.

B. Passing on information about the NA service structure.

C. Provide GSR orientations.

D. Helping addicts by supporting new meetings.

E. Serving as a communication link and liaison to institutional isolated groups.

F. Encouraging groups to make announcements and fliers, and provide information about new meetings and meetings needing support to more established meetings.

G. Networking with various subcommittees in the area for the purpose of providing and needing support.

H. Providing new groups a Group Starter Kit, NA Literature, etc. (contents to be approved by area).

I. Helping groups to register with the ASC, RSC, and WSO. Informing groups as to how they may be included in meeting lists.

J. Conducting learning days and workshops on group related topics.

K. Conduct activities that benefit the Outreach efforts in the area.

L. Bringing unity and a message to groups: You are not alone.

To get involved with Outreach or for comments or questions for this committee email nanashville2014@hotmail.com